Our Vision for Sustainable Organic Agriculture

Page - February 8, 2010
Greenpeace envisions a world in which food is safe, nutritious and delicious. Somewhere along the way the natural process was sacrificed in favor of mass production at any cost. We need to return to favoring quality over quantity and we need to show our farmers the respect and equity they deserve.

organic potatoes Agroecology is the science of integrating agricultural production in its global, regional and local ecological, cultural and social context.  Farmer-to-farmer networks of information and seeds exchange are still marginal compared to other forms of institutional research and extension efforts. However, the enormous potential of agroecological practices to combat climate change has recently increased interest in these practices. Learn more

Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is a rapidly growing sector of agriculture that focuses on the health, ecology, fairness and care of the farming process.  Organic practices use local resources and the market for organic products has high potential and offers opportunities for increasing farmers' income and improving their livelihood. Learn more

Small Farmers

Small-scale diversified farming is responsible for the lion's share of agriculture globally. We need to put small farmers back into the focus of agricultural development and highlight their pivotal role in eradicating hunger and poverty as well as in addressing the most pressing challenges of environmental sustainability.Learn more

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