Key challenges for our food system

Page - February 8, 2010
The challenges facing our food industry today are as complex as the recipes you'd find at a four-star restaurant. But the most urgent issues that we must act on now are undoubtedly climate change and hunger.

tomato Climate Change

Agricultural activities and the subsequent processing, storage, transport and disposal of its products are some of the most important sources of human-induced climate change. Reducing these greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the long-term storage of carbon in the soil are therefore essential measures to prevent a climate catastrophe. Learn more


From a global perspective, lack of food supply is not the cause of hunger. Political challenges and failures are the cause of world hunger with an estimated one billion victims.  Hunger is a threat to peace and a source of national instability, displacement, migration and violent conflict and the most important impediment to social progress in the regions affected. Fortunately, the solution to ending world hunger is straightforward and realistic. Learn more